Positions in the field of Quantum Optomechanics

Positions in the field of Quantum Optomechanics


We are offering positions for PhDs and PostDocs in the fascinating and very active field of Quantum Optomechanics.

Within Research Unit A4 we are offering PhD and PostDoc positions in the fascinating and very active field of Quantum Optomechanics. We are specifically looking for candidates with a background in theoretical and/or experimental Quantum Optics who are interested in research at the intersection of Quantum Physics and the physics of Gravitational Wave Detectors, and who want to contribute to our ongoing research projects in these fields. Topics may include:

  • Back-action-evasion schemes for force and position sensing below the standard quantum limit of interferometry
  • Development and characterisation of all-optical approaches for back-action-evasion
  • Theoretical modelling of hybrid systems composed of atomic ensembles and optomechanics
  • Application of the theory of continuous measurements and quantum state pre- and retrodiction to prototype platforms of Gravitational Wave Detectors
  • Design, modeling, construction, and characterisation of experiments for quantum noise cancellation in cryogenic environments
  • Suspended interferometer optics at cryogenic temperatures
  • Investigations of novel micro-mechanical oscillators for quantum opto-mechanical experiments

For further information please contact michele.heurs@aei.uni-hannover.de and klemens.hammerer@itp.uni-hannover.de.