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May 17/18: STE-QUEST Virtual Workshop

May 17/18: STE-QUEST Virtual Workshop

© Sina Loriani

An M-class Cold Atom mission to probe gravity, dark matter and quantum mechanics

STE-QUEST, a candidate for an ESA medium-class satellite mission, with its dual-species atom interferometer operating over tens of seconds, will address some of the most fundamental and puzzling questions of physics as we know it today: gravity, dark matter and the foundations of quantum mechanics. It will do so by making use of advanced quantum sensors for ultimate precision. Thereby it will not only lead to unprecedented advances in science at the interface between general relativity and quantum mechanics, but also pave the way for quantum technologies in space, be it in fundamental physics, Earth observation, time-keeping, or navigation.

The purpose of this online-only workshop is to bring together the cold atom, astrophysics, cosmology, and fundamental physics communities to discuss the science opportunities offered by STE-QUEST.

Registration is now open.