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Backaction-evading techniques

Backaction-evading techniques

Investigation of techniques (theory and experiment) to avoid limiting measurement back-action in precision metrology, e.g. in quantum optomechanics.




  • all-optical quantum radiation pressure noise reduction (Coherent Quantum Noise Cancellation)
  • Laser power stabilisation via radiation pressure
  • Investigation of membrane-in-the-middle (MiM) / membrane-at-the-edge (MatE) optical resonators for quantum optomechanical experiments (at RT and cryogenic)
  • Testing of micro-optomechanical oscillators for cavity experiments near and below the SQL (collaboration with TG “Novel micro-optomechanical oscillators”)


  • (polarisation-non-degenerate, two-mode) high-frequency squeezed light sources at 1064 nm
  • high-frequency, large-bandwidth, low noise photodetection (single and homodyne)
  • q.o. theory
  • Optical and multi-physics simulations and design
  • various optical and mechanical characterisation


Nery MT, Danilishin SL, Venneberg JR, Willke B. Fundamental limits of laser power stabilization via a radiation pressure transfer scheme. Optics letters. 2020 Jul 10;45(14):3969-3972. doi.org/10.1364/OL.394547

Involved QF Members
Members Institution Relevant Expertise
Michèle Heurs, LeaderAEI / LUHBackaction-Evading Techniques; Quantum Optomechanics
TBDAEIBackaction-Evading Techniques
Roman KossakAEI / LUHOptomechanically coupled resonators and interferometers in cryogenic environments
Karsten Danzmann AEI / LUHExperimental Quantum Opto-Mechanics
Benno WillkeAEISqueezed Light Sources; Advanced Light Sources
Marina Trad NeryAEI / LUHBackaction-Evading Techniques
Klemens HammererLUHBackaction-Evading Techniques; Quantum Optomechanics
Mariia MatiushechkinaAEIBackaction-evading techniques; Scattering processes in metamaterial structure; Optical simulations
Bernd SchulteAEIoptomechanical experiments at cryogenic temperatures
Jonas JunkerAEIsqueezed light sources; backaction-evading techniques
Dennis WilkenAEIsqueezed light sources; backaction-evading techniques; photodetection
Harald LückAEI / LUHSub-SQL interferometry; Next Generation Gravitational Wave Observatories
David WuAEISub-SQL interferometry
Sean LeaveyAEISub-SQL interferometry
Robin KirchhoffAEIseismic isolation
Janis WöhlerAEIthermal noise interferometer
Matteo CarlassaraAEICommissioning of the SQL Interferometer
Jian LiuAEISub-Standard Quantum Limit Interferometry
Johannes LehmannAEImirror supensions
Christian VogtZARMQuantum optomechanics
Juliane von WrangelAEIfibre welding, bonding
Nived JohnyAEIOptomechanical experiments at cryogenic temprature
Sara Al KershiAEI
Luise KranzhoffAEI