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Cold Atoms in Space

Cold Atoms in Space

Implementing new ideas in fundamental quantum gases physics in the BECCAL orbital ISS facility to benefit from extended microgravity.


  • Explore fundamental aspects in cold and ultra-cold physics
  • Foster collaborations and common publications of QuantumFrontiers scientists and externals
  • Identify science cases where extended microgravity is opening new avenues
  • Prepare for future space experiments and enhance the involvement of QuantumFrontiers scientists
  • Create a platform for frequent multi-disciplinary discussions


  • Quantum mechanics tests
  • Quantum bubbles
  • Tunneling physicsFeshbach molecules
  • Atom-surface physics
  • Scalar Bose gases in light boxes
  • Squeezing experiments
  • Atomic transport and quantum state engineering
Involved QF Members
Members Institution Relevant Expertise
Naceur Gaaloul, LeaderIQO-LUHQuantum gases – Inertial sensing
Ernst M. RaselIQO-LUHQuantum gases – Inertial sensing
Carsten KlemptIQO-LUH Quantum gases – non-classical states
Dennis SchlippertIQO-LUH Quantum gases – Inertial sensing
Sven AbendIQO-LUH Quantum gases – Inertial sensing
Maike LachmannIQO-LUH Quantum gases – Inertial sensing
Baptist PiestIQO-LUH Quantum gases – Inertial sensing
Christian SchubertDLR-SIQuantum gases – Inertial sensing
Waldemar HerrDLR-SIQuantum gases – Inertial sensing
Holger AhlersDLR-SIQuantum gases – Inertial sensing
Sven HerrmannZARMQuantum gases – Inertial sensing
Silke OspelkausIQO-LUH Exotic Spin Systems with Molecules; Application of Ultracold Molecular Systems for Precision Measurements and Quantum Many-Body Physics
Meike ListDLR-SISpace Mission Simulator
Benny RieversZARMSpace Mission Simulator
Christoph Lotz HITECMicrogravity experiments
Luis SantosITP-LUHTheory of Dynamics of Manybody Quantum Systems
Klemens HammererITP-LUHTheory of quantum optics, coupling to general relativity
Elina FuchsITP-LUH High Energy Physics with Cold Atoms
Jürgen MüllerIfE-LUHRelativistic Geodesy; LLR Relativity Test; Application of Quantum Gravimetry
Christian OspelkausLUH/PTBScalable Surface-Electrode Ion Traps; Integrated Microwave and RF Control Elements
Vitali MüllerAEILaser Interferometer modelling; LRI on GRACE-FO and for NGGM; Data Analysis
Gudrun WannerAEI Optical simulations
Tanja MehlstäublerPTBPrecision spectroscopy in In+ and Yb+ ions; Test of LLI
Peter WeßelsLZHLaser Development
Sebastian UlbrichtPTBCavity physics, interface with gravity
Yuriy BidasyukPTBInteraction of twisted light with Bose-Einstein condensates
Boris ChichkovIQO-LUH Nanoscale Materials Processing
Stefanie KrokerTUBSComplex Coupled High Index Waveguide Arrays ; Photonic Nanomaterials in the Strong Optomechanical Coupling Regime
Andrey SurzhykovPTBLight-Matter Interfaces and Dynamics
Hendrik HeineIQO-LUHAtom chips design and fabrication
Kai FryeIQO-LUHSpace BEC experiments, atom engineered optical traps
Dorthe LeopoldtIQO-LUH Biophotonics
Pallav MohanPTBDM/DE, high-energy physics
Dennis RätzelZARMTheory of atom-light interactions in the interface with Gravity
Mouine AbidiIQO-LUH BEC interferometry, inertial sensing
Christian LisdatPTBOptical, portable clocks
Christoph KünzlerIMPT-LUHAtom chips fabrication
Heiner DenkerIfE-LUH
Annie Pichery IQO-LUH Quantum mixtures, transport
Christian Struckmann IQO-LUH Space GR tests
Florian Fitzek ITP/IQO-LUH Atom interferometry theory
Gabriel MüllerIQO-LUH Atom chip designs, optical simulations
Gina KleinsteinbergIQO-LUH Space GR tests
Matthew GlaysherIQO-LUH Trapped atom interferometry theory
Hannah PaltzerIQO-LUH Trapped atom interferometry theory
Jan-Niclas SiemßITP/IQO-LUH Atom interferometry theory
Rui LiIQO-LUH Atom interferometry simulations
Stefan SeckmeyerIQO-LUH Atom interferometry simulations, optical simulations
Sascha de WallIMPT-LUHAtom chips fabrication
Saskia BondzaDLR-SI/PTBOptical clocks