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Optical Simulations

Optical Simulations

Bringing together the multitude of optical simulations in the diverse QuantumFrontiers research environment.


  • Networking on the topic of optical simulations, i.e. exchange on simulation tasks and methods, professional software and self-written algorithms, limitations and current work on pushing boundaries, on ways to improve precision and speed of an algorithm, and of course scientific findings.
  • Regular video conferences where members can introduce their work, used methods, obstacles in current tasks, and findings.


  • Optical simulations in a multitude of different backgrounds and applications.


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Yang J, Zopf M, Ding F. Strain tunable quantum dot based non-classical photon sources. Journal of Semiconductors. 2020 Jan;41(1). 011901.


Cao X, Zopf M, Ding F. Telecom wavelength single photon sources. Journal of Semiconductors. 2019;40(7).


Dickmann W, Dickmann J, Bruns FF, Kroker S. Key signal contributions in photothermal deflection spectroscopy. Journal of applied physics. 2019 Jul 14;126(2). 025106.


Zopf M, Keil R, Chen Y, Yang J, Chen D, Ding F et al. Entanglement Swapping with Semiconductor-Generated Photons Violates Bell's Inequality. Physical review letters. 2019 Okt 18;123(16). 160502.




Involved QF Members
Members Institution Relevant Expertise
Gudrun WannerAEIOptical Simulations; Space based gravitational wave detection; Precision Interferometry
Gerhard HeinzelAEILaser Gradiometers; Optical Simulations
Marie-Sophie HartigAEIOptical simulations; Space-based gravitational wave detection; Optical Cross Talk
Megha DaveAEIOptical simulations; Space-based gravitational wave detection; Diffraction; Optical Cross Talk
Rodrigo García ÁlvarezAEIOptical simulations; Space-based gravitational wave detection; Imaging Optics
Kevin WeberAEIWavefront characterization; Effect of wavefront characteristics on space interferometry
Tim HaaseAEIOptical Simulations; IfoCAD; Source Code Management (Git/GitLab)
Harald LückAEINext Generation Gravitational Wave Observatories; Sub-Standard Quantum Limit Interferometry
Sean LeaveyAEIOptical and electrical simulations; Ground-based gravitational wave detection; Sub-standard quantum limit interferometry
Vitali MüllerAEILaser Ranging Intererometry for Gravimetric Missions, GRACE Follow-On Data Analysis,  Optical Simulations
Michèle HeursAEISub-Standard Quantum Limit Interferometry; Non-classical Light; Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detection; Backaction-evading Techniques; Quantum Optomechanics
Mariia MatiushechkinaAEIMicro-optomechanical resonators; Scattering processes in metamaterial structure; Optical vortex beam
David WuAEIGround based gravitational wave detectors; Sub-standard quantum limit interferometry; Optical simulations; Noise modelling
Gael KermarrecLUH / GIHTerrestrial Laser Scanner; atmospheric correlation;
Boris ChichkovLUH / IQNanoscale Materials Processing
Ernst M. RaselLUH / IQQuantum Gravimeters; Atom-Chip Based Gravimeters and Inertial Sensors
Kai FryeLUH / IQUltracold atoms; Atom interferometry
Naceur GaaloulLUH / IQQuantum Gases, Atom Interferometry; Inertial Sensing; Atom-Light Interactions
Gabriel MüllerLUH / IQAtom Interferometry; Atom-Chip simulations; Atom-light interactions
Stefan SeckmeyerLUH / IQAtom Interferometry; Atom-Light Interactions; Wavefront Aberrations
Fei DingLUH / FKPsemiconductor optical structures
Jingzhong YangLUH / FKPNano- and Micro- structure simulation; optical simulation; Quantum optics; Semiconductor
Chenxi MaLUH / FKPQuantum dot based single photon emitter; Lumerical FDTD
Constantin SchmidtLUH / FKP Semiconductor waveguides, nanofabrication; optical simulations (Lumerical)
Carl-Frederik GrimpeLUH / FKPQuantum dot based single photon emitter; Circular Bragg Gratings; Ansys Lumerical FDTD
Dietmar KrachtLZHAdvanced Light Sources; Precision Additive Manufacturing of Quantum Sensors; High power solid-state single frequency amplifiers
Peter WeßelsLZHAdvanced Light Sources, Laser Development for next-generation GWDs
Phillip Booker LZHFiber amplifier development for next-generation GWDs; Numerical simulations of optical amplifiers or waveguide structures
Sergii IakushevLZHLaser Development and Stabilisation for next-generation GWDs
Alexander KuhlPTBOptical Clock Networks; Free-Space Frequency Transfer
Daniele NicolodiPTB space based interferometric GW detectors; optical frequency combs; optical frequency stability transfer;   photonic ultra-stable microwave generation; optical lattice clocks; ultra-stable optical resonators
Thomas WaterholterPTBOptical Clock Networks; Frequency Transfer Techniques
Stefanie KrokerPTB / TUBSWaveguides and Waveguide Arrays, Optical and Optomechanical Metasurfaces, Machine Learning, Multiphysics Simulations, Multiscale Aspects 
Anastasiia SorokinaTUBSOptical simulations, waveguides, light-outcoupling systems, optics for ion traps quantum computers
Liam Shelling-NetoTUBSMetasurfaces, Machine Learning, Ultrafast Surface Dynamics, Electron Diffraction
Mayra Garcés-SchröderTUBSLight/particle interaction at the micro and nano scale; Light emission from micro LEDs; Microlens simulation;
Vladislav AgluschewitschTUBSLight/particle interaction at the micro and nano scale; Light emission from micro LEDs; Microlens simulation;
Zhe LiuTUBSLumerical FDTD; electron energy loss spectrum; plasmon mode excitation of nanoparticles