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Quantum computation concepts

Quantum computation concepts

This TG is concerned with the development of scalable concepts for quantum computing and applications of scalable quantum computers.


  • Use the results from other TGs to develop new QC concepts
Involved QF Members
Members Institution Relevant Expertise
Christian Ospelkaus, LeaderLUH / PTBScalable Surface-Electrode Ion Traps; Integrated Microwave and RF Control Elements
Jörg SchöbelTUBSRadio and Microwave Frequency Technologies
Tobias OsborneLUHTensor networks for many body localized systems
Tbd/Heurs/OsborneAEI / LUHQuantum Machine Learning
LUH / TUBSTensor networks for many body localized systems
Christoph KarraschTUBSTensor networks for many body localized systems
Patrik RecherTUBSTheory of Emergent Correlated Quantum Matter; Josephson Junctions; Twisted Bilayer Graphene; Twisted-bilayer-graphene physics in ultracold atoms in optical potentials
Peter SilvestrovTUBSTwisted Bilayer Graphene
Wolfram BrenigTUBSstrongly correlated electron systems, quantum transport, quantum critical systems, low dimensional quantum magnets
Andrey SurzhykovPTB / TUBSLight-Matter Interfaces and Dynamics
Peter Lemmens TUBSPropagation of Twisted Light through Media: New Possibilities for Information Transfer