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Space Laser Gravimetry

Space Laser Gravimetry


  • Study and develop novel concepts for inertial sensing and inter-satellite ranging using laser interferometry in order to improve measurements of Earth’s gravity field
    • Optical accelerometers and gradiometers
    • Alternative optical layouts for laser ranging systems
  • Investigate new measurement channels that contain gravity field information based on
    • Clocks
    • Centrifugal acceleration sensing
  • Experimental demonstration of optical accelerometers and inter-satellite ranging interferometers for future geodesy missions
    • Torsion balance facility
  • Data analysis for the Laser Ranging Interferometer on GRACE Follow-On
    • Processing of ranging data with sub-nanometer precision level


  • Space missions & payloads
  • Laser interferometry
  • Torsion balance facility
  • Data analysis


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Involved QF Members
Members Institution Relevant Expertise
Vitali Müller, LeaderAEI/LUHLaser Interferometer modelling; LRI on GRACE-FO and for NGGM; Data Analysis
Gerhard HeinzelAEI/LUHSpace Laser Interferometry
Dietmar KrachtLZHAdvanced Light Sources; Precision Additive Manufacturing of Quantum Sensors; High power solid-state single frequency amplifiers
Jürgen MüllerLUHRelativistic Geodesy; LLR Relativity Test; Application of Quantum Gravimetry
Esteban DelgadoAEI/LUHSystem engineering and test engineering
Miguel DovaleAEI/LUHDFM, Prism-Optical Head modeling, optical readout design and testbed development
Christoph VorndammeAEI/LUHDFM, readout and control electronics
German Fernandez-BarrancoAEI/LUHPhotoreceiver
Kohei YamamotoAEI/LUHDFM, optical simulation, readout electronics and control electronics
Moritz MehmetAEI/LUHTorsion Balance
Gerald BergmannAEI/LUHReadout of Torsion Balance, Seismic Noise
Victor HuarcayaAEI/LUHTestbed development (Torsion Balance)
Guy ApelbaumAEI/LUHTestbed development (Torsion Balance)
Hao YanAEI/LUHEl.Static Sensor/Actuation, Torsion Balance noise budget
Malte MisfeldtAEI/LUHData analysis for GRACE-FO LRI
Laura MüllerAEI/LUHData analysis for GRACE-FO LRI
Henry WegenerAEI/LUHData analysis for GRACE-FO LRI, Tilt-To-Length Coupling
Karsten DanzmannAEI/LUHLISA, Gravitational Wave Astronomy
Annike KnabeLUHAttitude Control
Hu WuLUHNovel measurement concepts, Clocks
Alireza HosseiniAraniLUHHybdrid Accelerometers incl. Atom Interferometry
Matthias WeigeltLUHApplication of Gravity Data
Alexander KochDLR-SILaser Ranging Interferometers, Link Acquisition
Manuel SchillingDLR-SINovel Measurement Concepts
Meike ListDLR-SISpace Mission Simulator
Peter WeßelsLZHLaser Development
Benny RieversZARMSpace Mission Simulator
Jens GrosseZARMLaser Links
Florian WöskeZARMXHPS Space Mission Simulator