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Spin-squeezing and non-classical states

Spin-squeezing and non-classical states

Concepts for the generation, manipulation and applications of squeezed and entangled atomic ensembles.


  • Contribute to CRC DQ-mat TG1
  • Contribute to TG Quantum Sensors for geo. observ. and rel. geodesy, TG Optical Clock Networks, TG Tests of Fundamental Physics
  • Interact with TG Quantum Computing, TG Open many-body quantum systems, TG Tests of Fundamental Physics
  • Develop concepts for the generation, manipulation and detection of spin-squeezed and entangled many-body states
  • Explore methods for their transfer to external degrees of freedom
  • Devise applications for entanglement-enhanced sensitivities in frequency, magnetic field, and inertial sensing
  • Investigate entangled states for tests of fundamental physics: fundamental sources of decoherence and coupling of quantum objects to general relativity


  • Expertise on quantum-enhanced measurements
  • Efficient description of many-body quantum states
  • Magnetic field stabilization
  • Accurate atom counting
  • Dynamical optical potentials


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Involved QF Members
Members Institution Relevant Expertise
Carsten Klempt, LeaderLUH / DLR-SIQuantum Atom Optics
Andreas HüperLUHA next-generation Raman system for creating momentum-state entanglement
Fabian AndersLUHQuantum Optics with Non-classical States of Matter
Bernd Meyer-HoppeLUHQuantum Optics with Non-classical States of Matter
Cebrail PürLUHQuantum Optics with Non-classical States of Matter
Mareike HetzelLUHQuantum Optics with Non-classical States of Matter
Martin QuensenLUHQuantum Optics with Non-classical States of Matter
Wolfgang ErtmerLUH/DLR-SIUltracold quantum gases and precision metrology
Luis SantosLUHTheory of Dynamics of Manybody Quantum Systems
Luis Peña ArdilaLUHExcited state phase transitions for the generation of entanglement
Polina FeldmannLUHTheory of quantum phase transitions for the generation of entanglement
Ernst M. RaselLUHQuantum sensors
Christian SchubertLUH/DLR-SIAtom interferometry
Dennis SchlippertLUHAtom interferometry
Naceur GaaloulLUHTheory of many-body physics and atom interferometry
Piet O. SchmidtPTB / LUHSqueezing and non-classical states in trapped ions, precision metrology
Christian LisdatPTBFrequency metrology
Klemens HammererLUHTheory of quantum optics, coupling to general relativity