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Structure illumination at the nanoscale

Structure illumination at the nanoscale

Development of structured light illumination platforms using arrays of nano-/µLEDs or lasers and their system integration.


  • Development of structured light illumination platforms using nano- and µLEDs and lasers
  • Integration of these platforms into systems like a super-resolution microscope: separately switchable nanoLEDs in an array allow to control the light at the nanoscale with a spatial precision below the wavelength of light and possibly even below the diffraction limit
  • Support EU projects SMILE/SmartFire


  • Epitaxy of III-nitride based LEDs
  • Processing to nano- and µLEDs and arrays
  • Characterisation of nano light sources
  • Hybride integration of LED chip with CMOS microelectronics
  • System integration (guiding of light on the chip, housing and software)


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Involved QF Members
Members Institution Relevant Expertise
Jana Hartmann, LeaderTUBSStructured Illumination at the Nanoscale
Andreas WaagTUBSCoherent Light Field Control; Nanophotonics for Atom and Ion Manipulation; Hybrid integration of GaN LEDs with conductive substrates
Vladislav AgluschewitschTUBSCoherent Light Field Control
Stefanie KrokerPTB / TUBSComplex Coupled High Index Waveguide Arrays ; Photonic Nanomaterials in the Strong Optomechanical Coupling Regime
Markus EtzkornTUBSAdvancing TEM Characterization
Boris ChichkovLUHNanoscale Materials Processing
Stefan WolterTUBSµLEDs, electro-optical characterisation
Georg Jacob SchöttlerTUBSµLEDs, Hybrid Integration
Liam Shelling-NetoTUBSDeep Learning, Nanophotonic systems
Mayra Garcés-SchröderTUBSCoherent Light Field Control
Ernst M. RaselLUHQuantum Gravimeters; Atom-Chip Based Gravimeters and Inertial Sensors
Anastasiia SorokinaTUBSOptical simulations, waveguides, light-outcoupling systems, optics for ion traps quantum computers
Vadim IssakovTUBSIntegrierte Schaltungen, CMOS, Hochfrequenzelektronik, Packaging