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Tests of fundamental physics: Gravity

Tests of fundamental physics: Gravity


  • Sophisticated tests of Einsteins's theory of relativity, e.g. possible temporal variation of the gravitational constant, test of the weak and strong equivalence principle, Yukawa-test for the Earth-Moon distance, estimation of metric parameters gamma and alpha
  • Measuring gravity at short distances with micro-machined optomechanical force sensors
  • Relativistic effects in matter wave interferometers, quantum tests of the equivalence principle, dark energy search in the Einstein Elevator
  • Clock tests in gravitational fields


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Involved QF Members
Members Institution Relevant Expertise
Eva Hackmann, LeaderZARMTests of GR and of alternative/modified theories of gravity
Claus LämmerzahlZARMQuantum Sensors in Free Fall; Relativistic Geodesy; Quantum Objects in Gravity
Florian SeemannZARMQuantum Sensors in Free Fall
Roy BarzelZARMQuantum Objects in Gravity
Jürgen MüllerLUHRelativistic Geodesy; LLR Relativity Test; Application of Quantum Gravimetry
Liliane BiskupekLUHLLR Relativity Test
Ernst M. RaselLUHQuantum Gravimeters; Atom-Chip Based Gravimeters and Inertial Sensors
Uwe BrandPTBExperimental investigation of the Gravitational 1/r2 Law at separations down to sub-µm
Gerhard HeinzelAEIExperimental investigation of the Gravitational 1/r2 Law at separations down to sub-µm
Christian PfeiferZARMGeneral relativity, Quantum Gravity Phenomenology
Sven HerrmannZARMmicrogravity experiments
Christian VogtZARMmicrogravity experiments