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Topological systems

Topological systems

Investigations of topological concepts in condensed matter systems. Creation, detection and manipulation of topologically protected excitations.


  • Contribute to Applications Q. Electrical Standards and Q. Computing
  • Offer workshops with external guests (improve visibility)
  • Offer a lecture series as a crash course into the topic (for PhDs especially)
  • Co-teach "Spezialvorlesungen" e.g. "Topological Systems and Q. Computing"


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Duan Y, Bidasyuk YM, Surzhykov A. Symmetry breaking and phase transitions in Bose-Einstein condensates with spin-orbital-angular-momentum coupling. Physical Review A. 2020 Dez 24;102(6). 063328.


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Involved QF Members
Members Institution Relevant Expertise
Patrik Recher, LeaderTUBSTheory of Emergent Correlated Quantum Matter; Josephson Junctions; Twisted Bilayer Graphene; Twisted-bilayer-graphene physics in ultracold atoms in optical potentials
Peter SilvestrovTUBSTheory of Emergent Correlated Quantum Matter
Daniel FrombachTUBSJosephson Junctions, Topological Systems
Fernando DominguezTUBSJosephson Junctions, Topological Systems
Hans Werner SchumacherPTBMacroscopic Quantum Standards; Precision current metrology of single electron pumps; NV-centre-based magnetometry
Thomas GersterPTBprecision current metrology of single electron pumps
Alexander Fernandez-ScarioniPTBMacroscopic Quantum Standards
David ReifertPTBMacroscopic Quantum Standards
Rolf HaugLUHTwo-dimensional materials, Electrical Quantum Effects, Magnetic Quantum Effects
Michael OestreichLUHSpin and charge dynamics of single carriers in single semiconductor quantum dots
Lina BockhornLUHElectrical Quantum Effects
N.N.LUHTwo-Dimensional Materials
Meinhard SchillingTUBSElectronic Quantum Metrology; Optical Voltage Standard - Fast Prototyping and HTS Superconductors
Hansjörg SchererPTBAnomolous Quantum Hall Effect with Topological Materials
Tobias OsborneLUHTensor networks for many body localized systems
LUH / TUBSTensor networks for many body localized systems
Christoph KarraschTUBSTensor networks for many body localized systems
Hendrik WeimerLUHTheory of Dynamics of Manybody Quantum Systems
Luis SantosLUHTheory of Dynamics of Manybody Quantum Systems; Twisted-bilayer-graphene physics in ultracold atoms in optical potentials
LUHTheory of Dynamics of Manybody Quantum Systems
Wolfram BrenigTUBSstrongly correlated electron systems, quantum transport, quantum critical systems, low dimensional quantum magnets
Peter LemmensTUBSPropagation of Twisted Light through Media: New Possibilities for Information Transfer; Spectroscopics of Topological Materials
Andrey SurzhykovPTBLight-Matter Interfaces and Dynamics
Yuriy BidasyukPTBInteraction of twisted light with Bose-Einstein condensates