This TG is concerned with the development of microfabricated plaforms for atomic quantum systems with applications in quantum computing and sensing.


  • Establish Regional TrapFab Facility which achieves/improves
    • Coating Technology,
    • Fine Placement,
    • Chip integrated detectors
    • Chip integrated light sources
  • Long-term goal to achieve UHV, hand-held portable device;
  • Establish spin-offs e.g. ion traps, quantum computing
  • Support EU project


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Involved QF Members
Members Institution Relevant Expertise
Friederike Giebel, LeaderLUH
Christian OspelkausLUH / PTBScalable Surface-Electrode Ion Traps; Integrated Microwave and RF Control Elements
Amado Bautista-SalvadorLUH / PTBScalable Surface-Electrode Ion Traps
Andreas WaagTUBSCoherent Light Field Control; Nanophotonics for Atom and Ion Manipulation; Hybrid integration of GaN LEDs with conductive substrates
Mayra Garcés-SchröderTUBSNanophotonics for Atom and Ion Manipulation
Klaas StrempelTUBSNanophotonics for Atom and Ion Manipulation
Stefanie KrokerPTB / TUBSComplex Coupled High Index Waveguide Arrays ; Photonic Nanomaterials in the Strong Optomechanical Coupling Regime
Liam Shelling-NetoPTB / TUBSComplex Coupled High Index Waveguide Arrays
Tanja MehlstäublerPTB / LUHDynamics of ion Coulomb Crystals; Integrated Chip Traps and Optical Components
Daniel BennettPTBIntegrated Chip Traps and Optical Components
Dietmar KrachtLZHAdvanced Light Sources; Precision Additive Manufacturing of Quantum Sensors; High power solid-state single frequency amplifiers
Christian Zander / Christian HoffLZHPrecision Additive Manufacturing of Quantum Sensors
Boris ChichkovLUHNanoscale Materials Processing
Ulf HinzeLUHNanoscale Materials Processing
New W1TUBSPhotonic Electronic Hybrid Integration
Marc Christopher WurzLUHDevelopment of compact vacuum pumps, pressure measruement devices and miniaturized Rb sources; Atom-Chip Based Gravimeters and Inertial Sensors
Alexander KassnerLUHAtom-Chip Based Gravimeters and Inertial Sensors
Ernst M. RaselLUHQuantum Gravimeters; Atom-Chip Based Gravimeters and Inertial Sensors
Milutin KovacevLUHEnhanced Optical Nonlinearities and High-Harmonic Generation
Philip MoselLUHEnhanced Optical Nonlinearities and High-Harmonic Generation