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Hochgeladene Ionen: Unter den Top 10 der Physik-Durchbrüche

Highly Charged Ions: Top 10 Physical Science Breakthrough

© S. Lazar/QUEST-LFS

The research of Piet O. Schmidt on highly charged ions has been recognized as one of the top 10 breakthroughs in physics at the Berlin Falling Walls Conference.

Since 2009, leading researchers from around the world have been presenting their research projects annually at the Falling Walls Conference in Berlin - in short presentations of ten to 15 minutes. More than 900 researchers from 111 countries have competed to become the scientific breakthrough of the year in their respective categories.

Piet O. Schmidt has now been voted among the top 10 in the physics category. All winners can be found here

Breaking the Wall of Laser Spectroscopy - Watch Piet Schmidt´s presentation