Gudrun Wanner ist DPG-Physikerin der Woche

Gudrun Wanner is DPG-Female-Physicist of the week

© Wanner

Congratulations, Dr Gudrun Wanner! The German Physical Society (DPG) chose her as "Physicist of the Week". Since 2018, the DPG has been spotlighting female physicists from all over Germany on a weekly basis. Dr Gudrun Wanner works on the space-based gravitational wave detector LISA, an ESA mission scheduled to launch in 2034. With her research on optical simulations and interferometric noise sources, she helps LISA achieve picometre-level precision. As Independent Group Leader (IGL), QuantumFrontiers supports the excellent scientist with a position that allows her to focus on the search for gravitational waves on a long-term basis.

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