The most accurate summer of your life

The most accurate summer of your life

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Metrology Summer 2023 at the PTB

Germany’s national metrology institute, the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, is offering one month of cutting-edge research for bachelor and master students in physics or related STEM subjects. The MetroSommer (Metrology-Summer) offers 23 exciting courses on groundbreaking research and technology transfer. As QuantumFrontiers we especially recommend the projects that reach out to the limits of the measurable like “Laser links for optical clock comparisons” or “Using ions as a sensor to benchmark novel ion traps for quantum technologies”. Apply now until March, 1 and come to Braunschweig from 1 August 2023 – 31 August 2023 to experience the most accurate summer of your life.

Explore the projects of the MetroSommer 2023.