Applications in Metrology

From Basic Research to Applications

Research Area B "Applications in Metrology" unites six research units that cover the applications from the nanoscale of individual molecules to the truly macroscopic size of gravitational-wave detectors.

Precision Measurements

QuantumFrontiers researchers are world leaders in the development of laser interferometric readout systems for terrestrial and space-based gravitational wave detectors, accurate optical clocks, satellite gravimetry, and quantum electrical standards. We use these expertise to carry out precision measurements that allow us to explore and potentially uncover new physics. 

  • Tests of Fundamental Physics
  • Quantum Metrological Triangle
  • Sub-standard Quantum Limit Interferometry
  • Relativistic Geodesy
  • Quantum Gravimetry and Inertial Sensing
  • Quantum Computation and Simulation

Enabling Technologies

QuantumFrontiers’ researchers have developed novel light sources, ion and neutral atom chip-scale traps, integrated photonics, and micro-fabrication technologies. We combine these expertise of our researchers to comprehensively and significantly advance the capabilities of quantum systems for applications in metrology. 

  • Regional TrapFab Facility
  • Optical Clock Networks
  • Quantum Sensors
  • Laser Gradiometers 
  • Electron Microscopy