B2 - Quantum Gravimetry and Inertial Sensing

B2 - Quantum Gravimetry and Inertial Sensing

© Source: IQO
Bose-Einstein-Condensate in free fall (Source: IQO)

In order to significantly advance gravimetry and to study quantum tests of the universality of free fall, QuantumFrontiers researchers have achieved a significant breakthrough in atom-interferometer performance by eliminating the several obstacles that prevented the employment of Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC) for interferometry. 

The holy grail for further improving the sensitivity of atom interferometry was to extend the signal in space-time and achieve a BEC in free fall, although traditional atom-cooling methods are incompatible. To this end, QuantumFrontiers researchers have even achieved a BEC atom laser in microgravity conditions as demonstrated in a free-fall experiment at the drop tower in Bremen. These initial studies will be complemented by the LUH/HITec Einstein-Elevator testing ground in the future.