Research Area A "Foundations of Metrology" consists of five research units that lay the theoretical, conceptual and engineering foundations for applications in metrology and fundamental physics. Fundamental and central properties of light, matter and their interactions are investigated.

Quanten- and Nano-Engineering of Light

We study a range of systems from single-electron and single-photon sources, quantum dots, nanostructured mirror coatings, nanoLEDs, to spin squeezing resonators; these systems pave the way for subwavelength manipulation of light, metrology with single quanta and interferometry with strong non-classical correlations.

  • Twisted Light
  • Single Photons
  • Controlling Light at the Nanoscale
  • Quantum opto-mechanics
  • Non-classical photonic states
  • Laser Development

Quantum- and Nano-Engineering of Matter

We create quantum systems with novel functional features for future precision metrology and new technologies with metrological applications. For example, tailored quantum systems, such as non-classical states of matter and light, have been realised by us, opening new avenues towards entanglement-enhanced interferometry and interferometry below the standard quantum limit, which surpasses any classical measurement scheme.

  • Coupling of Atoms and Photons
  • Topological Systems
  • Many-body Quantum States and Transport
  • Quantum Electrical Standards
  • Atom Interferometry
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