A4 - Quantum Optomechanics

A4 - Quantum Optomechanics

Illustration of the principle of entanglement generation between two mirrors (Source: AEI)

The researchers in QuantumFrontiers have made pioneering contributions to making quantum effects observable in optomechanical systems. This includes e.g. schemes for quantum-state-engineering of mechanical oscillators, and a broad range of approaches towards quantum-backaction evading measurements. This expertise and the unique experimental platforms explored within QuantumFrontiers, especially the 10m Prototype laser interferometer, will allow us to make truly quantum mechanical behaviour observable at macroscopic scales.

Quantum Optomechanics is exploring the boundaries of quantum and classical domains. It provides all the necessary tools to monitor and project the mechanical degrees of freedom in a desired quantum state, which is one of the main goals of the QuantumFrontiers’ team. QuantumFrontiers will accept the challenge to establish full quantum control over optomechanical systems at unprecedented mass and length scales, and to employ such systems for precision measurements below the standard quantum limit and for tests of fundamental physics.