QuantumFrontiers instigates measures for graduate education and research-oriented teaching, internationalisation and diversity building, all to address some of the most frequently discussed challenges facing the university system. This includes founding a new framework of compelling, projectable career paths in science for early career researchers.

The education of graduate students will be organised through the joint integrated Research Training Group QuantumFrontiers International Research School (QFIRS). The support for early career researchers, who have completed a PhD in QuantumFrontiers or who join the consortium as a postdoctoral researcher is twofold: we provide assistance for a successful start to a professional career as a researcher in academia, science institutions or in industry, or graduates may join our QuantumFrontiers Entrepreneur Excellence Programme (QuEEP).

In addition Research-Oriented Teaching MasterClasses provides postdoctoral positions in the Physics Education Institutes to build up our MasterClasses programme and provide a link to undergraduate education, teachers and schools.