Christian Ospelkaus und Christoph Lotz beim Falling Walls Science Summit ausgezeichnet

Awards for Christian Ospelkaus and Christoph Lotz at the Falling Walls Science Summit

Every year in November, the Falling Walls Science Summit in Berlin honours outstanding research achievements of the past year. This year, two researchers from the QuantumFrontiers network were awarded.

Christian Ospelkaus is one of the ten Breakthroughs of the Year award winners in the Physics category. He is being honoured for his research on the use of ion traps as a universal core for quantum computers: "Breaking the Wall to a universal quantum core". The selection was made by a high-ranking, interdisciplinary jury.

Christoph Lotz was also honoured. He is one of the winners of the 75 International Falling Walls Labs for emerging talents. He convinced with his contribution on how the Einstein Elevator is used to advance space research: "Breaking the Wall of Space Research on Earth".

The award winners now presented their research projects to an international audience during the Berlin Science Week. Both presentations can still be viewed on Youtube after the event:
To the presentation by Christian Ospelkaus
To the presentation by Christoph Lotz

The Falling Walls Science Summit is part of the Berlin Science Week where leaders from science, industry, and policy-making meet and discuss which walls will be the next to fall in science and society.