QuantumFrontiers startet Kompetenz-Datenbank

QuantumFrontiers launches competences database

Online tool offers information on the competences of the Cluster of Excellence to support collaboration

The Cluster of Excellence QuantumFrontiers takes advantage of internationally unique infrastructure and expertise in quantum- and nanometrology across six regional institutions. These are the basis for collaborations that contribute to large-scale research projects in a range of fields: geodesy, quantum optics, laser science, solid-state physics, electrical engineering, fundamental physics, gravitational wave astronomy, nanotechnology and quantum technologies.

The QuantumFrontiers competences database, bundles information on the available infrastructure and expertise in the Cluster in one single place. Both internal and external cooperation partners thus have a tool at their disposal to find competences and the respective contact persons on, for example, materials development and characterization, calculations, measurement techniques or instrumentation.

At the time of launch, the database contains over 250 entries, and the number of entries will continue to grow. The entries range from Bose-Einstein condensate calculations, to chip processing and electron microscopy, to micro-photoluminescence and single-photon spectroscopy.

You can find the competence database in the research section and at