4,3 Millionen Euro für neue Forschungsgruppe

4.3 million euros for new research group

© Zopf/LUH
Michael Zopf at the Institut for solid state physics at Leibniz University

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding the SemIQON project (Semiconductor Integrated Quantum Optical Network) for five years.

With the "Quantum Futur 2" programme, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research enables young scientists to set up their own independent junior research group and take up new interdisciplinary research approaches in quantum technologies.

QuantumFrontiers member Dr Michael Zopf has now received approval to set up the "SemIQON" research group.

Within five years, Dr. Zopf intends to build a semiconductor-integrated quantum optical network for scalable applications in optical quantum repeaters and computers. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) provides funding for the project at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics amounting to 4.3 million euros.

Based on semiconductor nanostructures and microelectromechanical systems, a (hybrid) quantum photonic integrated circuit (qPIC) will be developed that will enable the assembly of a nano-photonic network of quasi-identical, entangled semiconductor quantum dots. This will enable efficient generation of large entangled states between quantum bits (photons) and/or matter quantum bits (quantum dots). 

Advanced fabrication and quantum optical characterisation techniques will be used to achieve this goal in close collaboration with the Laboratory of Nano and Quantum Engineering and Prof. Fei Ding at the Institute of Solid State Physics. The development of such integrated devices enables the operation of many parallel semiconductor systems on a single chip.  The new research group will therefore lay the foundations for high data rates of entangled multiphoton states, which are widely used in quantum communication and quantum computing.

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