Schwarzschild black hole surrounded by quintessential matter field as an accelerator for spinning particles

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Pankaj Sheoran, Hemwati Nandan, Eva Hackmann, Ulises Nucamendi, Amare Abebe

We study the collision of two massive particles with nonzero intrinsic spin moving in the equatorial plane in the background of a Schwarzschild black hole surrounded by quintessential matter field (SBHQ). For the quintessential matter equation of state (EOS) parameter, we assume three different values. It is shown that for collisions outside the event horizon, but very close to it, the centre-of-mass energy (ECM) can grow without bound if exactly one of the colliding particles is what we call near-critical, i.e., if its constants of motion are fine tuned such that the time component of its four-momentum becomes very small at the horizon. In all other cases, ECM only diverges behind the horizon if we respect the Møller limit on the spin of the particles. We also discuss radial turning points and constraints resulting from the requirement of subluminal motion of the spinning particles.

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