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front page article: twisted 2D graphene research

front page article: twisted 2D graphene research

Eine aktuelle Publikation der QuantumFrontiers-Arbeitsgruppe von Patrik Recher (in Zusammenarbeit mit Christophe De Beule und Fernando Dominguez) ziert das Cover von Physical Review Letters vom 28. August 2020 mit einem Letter. Das Thema “Twisted Bilayer Graphene” als 2D Material ist eines der Themen aus RU A2, wo in Zukunft zwischen TUBS und LUH sowohl in der Theorie wie auch im Experiment die Zusammenarbeit gestärkt wird.

Our work focuses on minimally twisted bilayer graphene, where the presence of an interlayer voltage gives rise to a triangular network of topologically protected chiral channels. So far, this regime was challenging to tackle with standard methods due to the immense amount of atoms in the unit cell. For this reason, instead of a bottom-up Hamiltonian approach, we developed a top-down scattering theory based solely on symmetry arguments that captures the essence of the network regime. We found that the network model can be tuned between two limits where electrons in the network propagate either along one-dimensional chiral zigzag paths or localize in closed orbits. Our theory demonstrates for the first time the intimate connection between the presence of chiral zigzag states and Aharonov-Bohm oscillations of the current that are robust against finite temperature effects.

Original publication: "Aharonov-Bohm Oscillations in Minimally Twisted Bilayer Graphene”