QuantumFrontiers Entrepreneur Excellence Programme

The QuantumFrontiers Entrepreneur Excellence Programme (QuEEP) ensures that cutting-edge research from QuantumFrontiers can be quickly and efficiently transferred into applications. Only if the research results also represent progress for society, they will become visible and usable on a broad scale.

Through QuEEP, scientists in the cluster are identified and motivated to view their basic research results through the eyes of potential users. This helps to ensure that "real" products emerge from top-level research.

QuEEP supports - specifically tailored to the requirements of the scientist - by two essential components:

  • Monetary support: Personnel costs are covered so that space and time is created for further development from the idea to the product.
  • Ideal support: Valuable first-hand experience can be passed on through individual workshops, a large network, and mentors who themselves come from the start-up scene.

These components give our scientists the certainty that the planned spin-off does not have to represent a large financial or personal risk.

Upcoming Workshops

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