Colours of QuantumFrontiers

A performance of light, sound, dance and knowledge

The worlds of science and the arts usually have few connection points. The Cluster of Excellence QuantumFrontiers and the artists Niels Weijer and Michael Tuttle want to change that and brought quantum physics and performing arts together in a dance piece.

For this, the choreographer and the musician have dealt with the research topics of the Cluster of Excellence such as gravity, light and matter waves. For their performance, they take up these themes and translate them into movement, colour and sound in order to express them artistically.

In the performance choreographed by Niels Weijer, he and his dance partner Mike O'Connor move large LED rings glowing in different colours in interaction with a sound installation by Micheal Tuttle. In the dark performance space, an aesthetic installation is created that can be experienced with all the senses.

Impressions of the performance at Helmkehof in October 2023