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Silke Ospelkaus one of the Falling Walls winners

Silke Ospelkaus one of the Falling Walls winners


Breaking the wall to the molecular quantum world

Falling Walls is a prestigious science award and honours special scientific breakthroughs every year. QuantumFrontiers spokesperson Silke Ospelkaus is one of the ten winners in the physics category in 2022. There were a total of 1345 applications in ten categories this year.

Silke Ospelkaus is being honoured for her work on ultracold molecular quantum gases. These open up far-reaching possibilities for science, from quantum simulation to fundamental physics. Until now, even the simplest molecules, the diatomic molecules, had largely eluded complete quantum control. Silke Ospelkaus has produced so-called quantum gases of ground-state polar molecules and demonstrated quantum control of chemical reactions at ultracold temperatures using the simple laws of quantum mechanics.

The award ceremony will take place at the Falling Walls Science Summit from 7-9 November in Berlin.