MasterClasses bei den Smart-City-Days

MasterClasses at the Smart City Days

© Engel/LUH
© Engel/LUH

The concept of the "Smart City" describes how cities can use advancing digitalisation for sustainable urban development oriented towards the common good. The Smart City Days in Hanover aim to motivate young people to acquire skills for the future so that they can meet current challenges such as the climate crisis and the scarcity of resources with innovative technologies and infrastructures. After last year's great success, the Smart City Days now took place for the second time on 27 and 28 June 2023.

The programme consisted of a colourful mix of workshops, exhibitions, hands-on activities and a stage programme around the Opernplatz. Around 1,000 pupils from grade 9 onwards took up the offer.

Tim Overwin and Azadeh Ghanbari from the QuantumFrontiers MasterClasses team gave two groups an introduction to quantum computing in the workshop programme. In the two-hour sessions, the students learned how to programme cloud-based quantum computers in a fun way and to understand the special features of these computers. The participants dealt with the basic components of quantum computers and consolidated their understanding of the physical phenomena through game-based work.