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Modern experiments for modern physics lessons

Modern experiments for modern physics lessons


The regular updating of the school curriculum allows new accents to be set in physics teaching. In the latest revision, the topic of quantum technology was given space in Lower Saxony's new physics curriculum for the first time.

Scientists from QuantumFrontiers and DQ-mat have extensive experience in teaching modern research topics in schools from the MasterClasses and the student laboratory foeXlab. They are currently working to establish an experiment set in Lower Saxony that was mainly developed at the University of Münster and produced using 3D printing. With the help of this, experiments on interferometry with the Michelson interferometer as well as analogy experiments with the quantum eraser and BB84 key generation are possible in everyday school life.

In a workshop with twelve teachers, who are largely responsible for implementing the new physics curriculum, they have now successfully tested the construction of six of these sets. These six sets will now be presented at mandatory teacher training courses in the coming year to establish modern experiments and methods from DQ-mat and QuantumFrontiers in physics lessons.