Podcast: Von der Leibniz Rechenmaschine zum Quantencomputer

Podcast: From the Leibniz calculating machine to the quantum computer

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Leibniz Universität Hannover has launched a podcast series on its namesake, bringing together the history and future, tradition and innovation of science at LUH: "Leibniz talkt: Past meets Future".

Guest in the first episode is Christian Ospelkaus from the Institute of Quantum Optics. Topic: The path from the Leibniz computing machine to the quantum computer.

Leibniz was always interested in the practical use of science. He built mechanical calculating machines with arithmetic and memory units using cogwheels, invented the binary number system and thus laid the foundations of today's classical computer technology - which is currently facing a similar technological leap with the topic of quantum computers. Would Leibniz build a quantum computer today?

The podcast (in German) can be listened to on the Leibniz University website or on the usual podcast platforms.