QuantumVR bei den Comenius-EduMedia-Awards ausgezeichnet

QuantumVR honoured at the Comenius EduMedia Awards

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The VR game QuantumVR was awarded in the category "Computer games with competence-promoting potential (CKP)" at the Comenius EduMedia Awards.

QuantumVR offers a playful introduction to the world of quantum programming. For this purpose, the game was designed in an escape room style, in which locked-up animals are freed by solving puzzles. These puzzles are small quantum algorithms that have to be created with selected quantum gates. Quantum gates are elementary operations that a quantum computer can perform.

At this year's Comenius EduMedia Award, almost 200 producers, publishers, projects and authors from 8 European countries submitted digital educational products and faced the competition jury. Award-winning digital educational media must be designed and realised according to pedagogical, didactic, aesthetic and technical criteria. QuantumVR made it into the ranks of the award winners in the category "Computer games with competence-promoting potential (CKP)" and thus bears the Comenius EduMedia seal.

Supported by the Cluster of Excellence QuantumFrontiers, QuantumVR sparks interest in the complex topic of "quantum programming". Furthermore, the game is used as an introduction to the subject in the new Master's programme "Quantum Technologies" at the TU Braunschweig. Even seminars on quantum technologies could be offered regardless of location in the digital world. In this way, QuantumVR will soon enrich various teaching formats on a regular basis. In addition, QuantumVR serves as a showcase at trade fairs and public events.