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Second Lecture Week for Early Career Researchers in June

Second Lecture Week for Early Career Researchers in June

QFIRS, the QuantumFrontiers International Research School, provides early career researchers with specific teaching in quantum and nano science and an intense programme of team building, scientific skills, and transferable skills education.

This year’s second lecture week takes place from June 18th to June 23rd, 2023 in Mardorf. It is jointly organised with the International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) and the Research Training Group of the Collaborative Research Centre of TerraQ.

The programme includes lectures on basics on laser interferometry, data analysis and on general relativity. There will also be further lecture on relativistic geodesy and a lecture on quantum computing. In addition, there will be an information session with the international office of the Albert-Einstein Institute. The week concludes with a hands-on session on measuring height differences with levelling equipment.

Further information, a preliminary programme and registration can be found in the internal area.