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Optomechanical resonator-enhanced atom interferometry

Optomechanical resonator-enhanced atom interferometry

Fiber-coupled optomechanical accelerometer on an inertial reference mirror.

In quantum inertial sensing, seismic noise currently limits the short-term stability of all state-of-the-art matter-wave sensors. Better seismic isolation through passive or active mechanical spring systems is a complex task, especially for transportable devices. Researchers around Dennis Schlippert now present a new method in Communications Physics. They exploit the complementary strengths of two quantum-optical systems: optomechanical resonators and atom interferometers. As a result, they are able to operate an atom gravimeter under strong seismic noise, normally prohibiting operation.

In light of the rapid progress in the field of quantum optics, the authors anticipate large potential for improvements compared to current other solutions. Finally, by addressing a key area of interest in this important column of quantum technologies they envisage a future, in which the new method will be exploited in a large variety of quantum sensing applications ranging from inertial sensors to, possibly, optical frequency standards.

Please refer to the article Optomechanical resonator-enhanced atom interferometry published in Communications Physics for further information.