QuantumFrontiers initiates measures for graduate education and research-oriented teaching, internationalization and building diversity. The cluster thus addresses some of the most frequently discussed challenges for the university system. The goal is to create a new framework for compelling, projectable career paths in science for early career researchers.

The education of doctoral students is organized by the joint, integrated Research Training Group QuantumFrontiers International Research School (QFIRS). Early career researchers who have completed their PhD in QuantumFrontiers or join the consortium as postdocs benefit twofold: we provide assistance for a successful start into a career in scientific institutions or industry, and graduates can participate in our QuantumFrontiers Entrepreneur Excellence Programme (QuEEP).

In addition, QuantumFrontiers provides postdoctoral positions in the Physics Education Institutes to build up the MasterClasses program. As a project of research-oriented teaching, the MasterClasses connect the cluster with undergraduate education, teachers, and schools. The difficult first step towards quantum is helped by the QuantumVR game, where quantum computing can be touched thanks to virtual reality.