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Falko Mohrs visits QuantumFrontiers

Falko Mohrs visits QuantumFrontiers

© Sonja Smalian
Minister Falko Mohrs (centre right) and Marcus Beiner (Head of the Research Policy Division, to the right) with University President Volker Epping (centre left) and spokespersons, board members and management of the Clusters of Excellence QuantumFrontiers and PhoenixD

More than 500 scientists are engaged in world-class research at the two Clusters of Excellence QuantumFrontiers and PhoenixD. QuantumFrontiers is dedicated to the exploring of light and matter in order to advance the foundation of metrology and the applications at the quantum frontier of the smallest and largest scales. PhoenixD works on the simulation, fabrication and application of novel optical systems to develop high-performance optics for mass production.

During a visit to Leibniz Universität Hannover, representatives from both clusters were able to give Lower Saxony's Science Minister Falko Mohrs an insight into their research projects, present achievements and results and outline future activities. A visit to the laboratory also made it possible to experience research at first hand.