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GRACE-FO satellite model travels through Germany on the MS Wissenschaft

GRACE-FO satellite model travels through Germany on the MS Wissenschaft

© Simon Esser/WID
The exhibition ship MS Wissenschaft

Learn how satellites are used to measure climate change from space

The MS Wissenschaft is a converted cargo ship and now a floating science centre. With yearly changing interactive exhibitions, it invites visitors from the age of twelve and up. As part of the Science Year 2023 - Our Universe, everything on board revolves around the infinite dimensions of space and our place in the cosmos. The universe can be discovered in a hands-on way at more than 30 interactive exhibits. Interested visitors can fly virtually to our neighbouring solar system Alpha Centauri or search for extraterrestrial life on distant moons. They can also learn how scientists use telescopes to look far into space and investigate star explosions, for example. Other exhibits focus on the Earth and deal with satellites that observe changes in climate change on our planet.

The collaborative research centre TerraQ at Leibniz Universität Hannover is contributing a GRACE-FO satellite model as an exhibit with the title "Measuring climate change from space". Visitors can simulate how a pair of satellites can measure the smallest changes in the Earth's gravitational field and thus collect important data on climate change.   

On 19 May, starting at 1 pm, Matthias Weigelt from TerraQ will present the exhibit and his work at a Meet the Scientist in Berlin Wannsee.

The MS Wissenschaft will drop anchor in more than 30 cities in Germany and Austria from May to September. Among others in:

Further information and all tour dates at www.ms-wissenschaft.de