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ZARM Award for Leonard Diekmann

ZARM Award for Leonard Diekmann

Leonard Diekmann (m) at the award ceremony with President and Vice President of ZARM Förderverein Thomas Reiter and Sabine von der Recke.

The 1st prize of the Förderpreis of the Centre for Applied Space Technology and Microgravity at the University of Bremen (ZARM) 2021 goes to Leonard Diekmann from the Institute of Micro Production Technology at Leibniz Universität Hannover. He receives the award for his Master's thesis on "Fabrication and characterisation of NEG functionalised glass mems for the generation of UHV conditions in miniaturised atom interferometers". In this Master's thesis, a prototype of a miniaturised ultra-high vacuum (UHV) pump in the form of a non-evaporable getter (NEG) pump on wafer level (MEMS) for maintaining UHV conditions for small quantum sensors is developed. The work was made possible by funding from QuantumFrontiers' Flexible Funds programme.

The ZARM Award recognises outstanding undergraduate, Master's and diploma theses in the fields of fluid mechanics, microgravity, space technology, space research and space-related environmental technology. It has been awarded annually since 1989 by the Förderverein ZARM and is endowed with up to 3,000 euros. Due to a pandemic, the award ceremony for the 2021 winners took place only this year at the Space Tech Expo 2022 in Bremen.

Further information and a picture gallery of the award ceremony on the ZARM website.