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Vanhove, R., Lootens, L., Damme, M. V., Wolf, R., Osborne, T., Haegeman, J., & Verstraete, F. (2021). A critical lattice model for a Haagerup conformal field theory.

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Yudin, V. I., Taichenachev, A. V., Basalaev, M. Y., Prudnikov, O. N., Fürst, H. A., Mehlstaubler, T. E., & Bagayev, S. N. (2021). Combined atomic clock with blackbody-radiation-shift-induced instability below 10-19under natural environment conditions. New journal of physics, 23(2), [023032].

Yulianto, N., Kadja, G. T. M., Bornemann, S., Gahlawat, S., Majid, N., Triyana, K., Abdi, F. F., Wasisto, H. S., & Waag, A. (2021). Ultrashort Pulse Laser Lift-Off Processing of InGaN/GaN Light-Emitting Diode Chips. ACS Applied Electronic Materials, 3(2), 778-788.

Yulianto, N., Refino, A. D., Syring, A., Majid, N., Mariana, S., Schnell, P., Wahyuono, R. A., Triyana, K., Meierhofer, F., Daum, W., Abdi, F. F., Voss, T., Wasisto, H. S., & Waag, A. (2021). Wafer-scale transfer route for top–down III-nitride nanowire LED arrays based on the femtosecond laser lift-off technique. Microsystems and Nanoengineering, 7(1), [32].

Zhong, L., Sośnica, K., Weigelt, M., Liu, B., & Zou, X. (2021). Time-Variable Gravity Field from the Combination of HLSST and SLR. Remote sensing, 13(17), [3491].


Abaspour, L., Sterin, P., Rugeramigabo, E. P., Hübner, J., & Oestreich, M. (2020). Doping and temperature dependence of nuclear spin relaxation in n -type GaAs. Physical Review B, 102(23), [235205].

Albers, H., Herbst, A., Richardson, L. L., Heine, H., Nath, D., Hartwig, J., Schubert, C., Vogt, C., Woltmann, M., Lämmerzahl, C., Herrmann, S., Ertmer, W., Rasel, E. M., & Schlippert, D. (2020). Quantum test of the Universality of Free Fall using rubidium and potassium. European Physical Journal D, 74(7), [145].

Showing entries 201 - 220 out of 410