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Zenin, V. A., Garcia-Ortiz, C. E., Evlyukhin, A. B., Yang, Y., Malureanu, R., Novikov, S. M., Coello, V., Chichkov, B. N., Bozhevolnyi, S. I., Lavrinenko, A. V., & Mortensen, N. A. (2020). Engineering Nanoparticles with Pure High-Order Multipole Scattering. ACS PHOTONICS, 7(4), 1067-1075.

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Zhao, Y., Aritomi, N., Capocasa, E., Leonardi, M., Eisenmann, M., Guo, Y., Polini, E., Tomura, A., Arai, K., Aso, Y., Huang, Y. C., Lee, R. K., Lück, H., Miyakawa, O., Prat, P., Shoda, A., Tacca, M., Takahashi, R., Vahlbruch, H., ... Flaminio, R. (2020). Frequency-Dependent Squeezed Vacuum Source for Broadband Quantum Noise Reduction in Advanced Gravitational-Wave Detectors. Physical review letters, 124(17), [171101].


Virgo Collaboration, Vahlbruch, H., Lück, H., Danzmann, K., & Mehmet, M. (2020). Quantum Backaction on kg-Scale Mirrors: Observation of Radiation Pressure Noise in the Advanced Virgo Detector. Physical review letters, 125(13), [131101].

Showing entries 361 - 380 out of 443