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Booker, P., de Varona, O., Steinke, M., Weßels, P., Neumann, J., & Kracht, D. (2021). Two-stage fully monolithic single-frequency Er:Yb fiber amplifier at 1556 nm for next-generation of gravitational wave detectors. In M. N. Zervas, & C. Jauregui-Misas (Eds.), Fiber Lasers XVIII: Technology and Systems [116650O] SPIE.

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Buonacorsi, B., Sfigakis, F., Shetty, A., Tam, M. C., Kim, H. S., Harrigan, S. R., Hohls, F., Reimer, M. E., Wasilewski, Z. R., & Baugh, J. (2021). Non-adiabatic single-electron pumps in a dopant-free GaAs/AlGaAs 2DEG. Applied physics letters, 119(11), [114001].

Büscher, F., Müllner, S., Wulferding, D., Pashkevich, Y. G., Gnezdilov, V., Peshkov, A. A., Surzhykov, A., & Lemmens, P. (2021). Raman scattering of plane-wave and twisted light off chiral molecular liquids. Low temperature physics, 47(11), 959-965.

Cao, X., Yang, J., Li, P., Zhang, Y., Rugeramigabo, E. P., Brechtken, B., Haug, R. J., Zopf, M., & Ding, F. (2021). Single photon emission from ODT passivated near-surface GaAs quantum dots. Applied physics letters, 118(22), [221107].

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Chichkov, N. B., & Chichkov, B. N. (2021). On the origin of photon mass, momentum, and energy in a dielectric medium [Invited]. Optical materials express, 11(8), 2722-2729.

Cope, T. (2021). Entanglement cost for steering assemblages. Physical Review A, 104(4), [042220].


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Deppner, C., Herr, W., Cornelius, M., Stromberger, P., Sternke, T., Grzeschik, C., Grote, A., Rudolph, J., Herrmann, S., Krutzik, M., Wenzlawski, A., Corgier, R., Charron, E., Guéry-Odelin, D., Gaaloul, N., Lämmerzahl, C., Peters, A., Windpassinger, P., & Rasel, E. M. (2021). Collective-Mode Enhanced Matter-Wave Optics. Physical review letters, 127(10), [100401].

Dharmawan, A. B., Mariana, S., Scholz, G., Hörmann, P., Schulze, T., Triyana, K., Garcés-Schröder, M., Rustenbeck, I., Hiller, K., Wasisto, H. S., & Waag, A. (2021). Nonmechanical parfocal and autofocus features based on wave propagation distribution in lensfree holographic microscopy. Scientific reports, 11(1), [3213].

Dickmann, J. (2021). Thermal noise computation of arbitrary masses in optical interferometers from first principles. Optics express, 29(22), 36546-36558.

Dörscher, S., Huntemann, N., Schwarz, R., Lange, R., Benkler, E., Lipphardt, B., Sterr, U., Peik, E., & Lisdat, C. (2021). Optical frequency ratio of a 171Yb+ single-ion clock and a 87Sr lattice clock. METROLOGIA, 58(1), [015005].

Dubielzig, T., Halama, S., Hahn, H., Zarantonello, G., Niemann, M., Bautista-Salvador, A., & Ospelkaus, C. (2021). Ultra-low-vibration closed-cycle cryogenic surface-electrode ion trap apparatus. Review of scientific instruments, 92(4), [043201].

Showing entries 121 - 140 out of 439
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