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Gnezdilov, V., Lemmens, P., Wulferding, D., Kitada, A., & Kageyama, H. (2021). Magnetic and lattice excitations in the quasi-2D quantum spin compound (CuCl)LaNb2O7. Low temperature physics, 47(11), 928-936.

Gnezdilov, V., Kurnosov, V., Pashkevich, Y., Bera, A. K., Islam, A. T. M. N., Lake, B., Lobbenmeier, B., Wulferding, D., & Lemmens, P. (2021). Non-Abelian statistics in light-scattering processes across interacting Haldane chains. Physical Review B, 104(16), [165118].

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Hartig, M-S. (2021). Approximation of Gaussian Curvature by the Angular Defect: An Error Analysis. MATHEMATICAL AND COMPUTATIONAL APPLICATIONS, 26(1), [15].

Henning, P., Sidikejiang, S., Horenburg, P., Bremers, H., Rossow, U., & Hangleiter, A. (2021). Unity quantum efficiency in III-nitride quantum wells at low temperature: Experimental verification by time-resolved photoluminescence. Applied physics letters, 119(1), [011106].

Hensel, T., Loriani, S., Schubert, C., Fitzek, F., Abend, S., Ahlers, H., Siemß, J. N., Hammerer, K., Rasel, E. M., & Gaaloul, N. (2021). Inertial sensing with quantum gases: a comparative performance study of condensed versus thermal sources for atom interferometry. European Physical Journal D, 75, [108].

Hirt, F., Christinck, J., Hofer, H., Rodiek, B., & Kück, S. (2021). Sample fabrication and metrological characterization of single-photon emitters based on nitrogen vacancy centers in nanodiamonds. Engineering Research Express, 3(4), [045038].

Hochheim, S., Brockmuller, E., Wessels, P., Steinke, M., Koponen, J., Lowder, T., Novotny, S., Neumann, J., & Kracht, D. (2021). Highly-integrated signal and pump combiner in chirally-coupled-core fibers. Journal of lightwave technology, 39(22), 7246-7250.

Hochheim, S., Brockmüller, E., Wessels, P., Koponen, J., Lowder, T., Novotny, S., Neumann, J., & Kracht, D. (2021). Low noise spliceless single-frequency chirally-coupled-core all-fiber amplifier. In M. N. Zervas, & C. Jauregui-Misas (Eds.), Fiber Lasers XVIII: Technology and Systems [116651L] (Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering; Vol. 11665). SPIE.

Hochheim, S., Brockmuller, E., Wessels, P., Koponen, J., Lowder, T., Novotny, S., Willke, B., Neumann, J., & Kracht, D. (2021). Single-frequency 336W spliceless all-fiber amplifier based on a chirally-coupled-core fiber for the next generation of gravitational wave detectors. Journal of lightwave technology, 40(7), 2136 - 2143.

Hoffmann, D. K., Singh, V. P., Paintner, T., Jäger, M., Limmer, W., Mathey, L., & Hecker Denschlag, J. (2021). Second sound in the crossover from the Bose-Einstein condensate to the Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer superfluid. Nature Communications, 12(1), [7074].

Hong, S. J., Xiao, X., Wulferding, D., Belke, C., Lemmens, P., & Haug, R. J. (2021). Strain-induced doping and zero line mode at the fold of twisted Bernal-stacked bilayer graphene. 2D Materials, 8(4), [045009].

Jamadagni, A., Ospelkaus, S., Santos, L., & Weimer, H. (2021). Quantum Zeno-based detection and state engineering of ultracold polar molecules. Physical Review Research, 3(3), [033208].

Jungclaus, J., Spende, H., Hille, P., Schörmann, J., Waag, A., Eickhoff, M., & Voss, T. (2021). Time-resolved cathodoluminescence investigations of AlN:Ge/GaN nanowire structures. Nano Express, 2(3), [034001].

Junker, J., Wilken, D., Huntington, E., & Heurs, M. (2021). High-precision cavity spectroscopy using high-frequency squeezed light. Optics express, 29(4), 6053-6068.


Kaebert, P., Stepanova, M., Poll, T., Petzold, M., Xu, S., Siercke, M., & Ospelkaus, S. (2021). Characterizing the Zeeman slowing force for 40Ca19F molecules. New journal of physics, 23(9), [093013].

Kalincev, D., Dreissen, L. S., Kulosa, A. P., Yeh, C. H., Fürst, H. A., & Mehlstäubler, T. E. (2021). Motional heating of spatially extended ion crystals. Quantum Science and Technology, 6(3), [034003].

Kaltenbaek, R., Acin, A., Bacsardi, L., Bianco, P., Bouyer, P., Diamanti, E., Marquardt, C., Omar, Y., Pruneri, V., Rasel, E., Sang, B., Seidel, S., Ulbricht, H., Ursin, R., Villoresi, P., van den Bossche, M., von Klitzing, W., Zbinden, H., Paternostro, M., & Bassi, A. (2021). Quantum technologies in space. Experimental astronomy, 51(3), 1677-1694.

Kanthak, S., Gebbe, M., Gersemann, M., Abend, S., Rasel, E. M., & Krutzik, M. (2021). Time-domain optics for atomic quantum matter. New journal of physics, 23(9), [093002].

Karlovets, D. V., Serbo, V. G., & Surzhykov, A. (2021). Wave function of a photon produced in the resonant scattering of twisted light by relativistic ions. Physical Review A, 104(2).

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