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Non-classical Light

Non-classical Light

The generation of squeezed states of light and the application in quantum metrology, measurement induced entanglement and high-precision spectroscopy.


  • Generation of squeezed states of light tailored for the application in
  • Gravitational wave detectors
  • Sub-standard quantum limit interferometry
  • Quantum information
  • Measurement induced entanglement / entanglement swapping
  • Quantum teleportation
  • High-precision spectroscopy
  • Investigation of decoherence effects to go beyond the current limits.


  • Squeezed light generation at 1064nm and 1550nm
  • High bandwidth / low noise homodyne detection


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Involved QF Members
Members Institution Relevant Expertise
Henning Vahlbruch, LeaderAEI/LUHGeneration of squeezed states
Harald Lück AEI/LUHNext Generation Gravitational Wave Observatories; Sub-Standard Quantum Limit Interferometry
Benno WillkeAEI/LUHSqueezed Light Sources; Advanced Light Sources
Marina Trad NeryAEI/LUHAdvanced Light Sources
Moritz MehmetAEI/LUH Squeezed light sources
Joscha HeinzeAEI/LUHSqueezed light sources
Fabian MeylahnAEI/LUHSqueezed light sources
Jasper VennebergAEI/LUHSqueezed light sources
Michèle HeursAEI/LUHBackaction-Evading Techniques; Squeezed Light Sources
Jonas JunkerAEI/LUHBackaction-Evading Techniques; Squeezed Light Sources
Dennis WilkenAEI/LUHBackaction-Evading Techniques; Squeezed Light Sources