Structured Illumination at the Nanoscale

Development of structured light illumination platforms using arrays of nano-/µLEDs or lasers and their system integration.

Contributions to QuantumFrontiers

  • Development of nanolight (e.g. µLEDs, laser diodes) for the control of electromagnetic fields at the nanoscale and demonstration of controlling light fields with a precision of 5 nm
  • Design and fabrication of vertical emitting lasers like VCSELs with advanced coherence control, particularly in the UV/blue spectral region 
  • Development of hybrid photonic-plasmonic waveguides for nanoscale light focusing as a potential platform for the manipulation of quantum systems
  • Integration of structured light illumination platforms into systems like a super-resolution microscope or atom and ion chip traps, whereby separately switchable nanoLEDs in an array allow control of the light at the nanoscale with a spatial precision below the wavelength of light and possibly even below the diffraction limit
  • Demonstrating proof-of-principle high-TRL systems based on µLED technology, which have high market potential and motivate spin-off companies

Collaborative Innovation

  • Simulation and fabrication of High Contrast Gratings for VCSELs (Kroker, Waag TU Braunschweig)
  • TEM characterisation of epitaxial material for nano light sources (Etzkorn, Waag TUBS)
  • Electron beam lithography for photonic crystals and high contrast gratings (Siegner PTB, Kroker, Waag TUBS)
  • Integration of µLED and laser arrays with CMOS to control large arrays with high density and small pixel sizes and pitches (Issakov, Waag TU Braunschweig)
  • Integration of laser diodes and integrated photonic circuits (PICs) for controlling light on a chip (Waag, Kroker TUBS, Mehlstäubler PTB)
  • Development of tunable and active metasurfaces for control of EM energy at the nanoscale (Kroker TUBS)
  • Laser printing of nanoparticles for the realization of novel micro-optomechanical devices (Chichkov LUH)

Scientific Output

  • Publications
    Manglano Clavero I, Margenfeld C, Hartmann J, Waag A. Facet Control and Material Redistribution in GaN Growth on Three-Dimensional Structures. Crystal Growth and Design. 2023 Jan 4;23(1):263-272. Epub 2022 Dez 22. doi: 10.1021/acs.cgd.2c00989
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TG Members

  • Involved Members and their Relevant Expertise
    Members Institution Relevant Expertise
    Jana Hartmann, Leader TUBS Structured Illumination at the Nanoscale; Epitaxy of III-nitride based LEDs and laser diodes; Design and fabrication of PICs
    Andreas Waag TUBS Coherent Light Field Control; Nanophotonics for Atom and Ion Manipulation; Hybrid integration of GaN LEDs with conductive substrates; Epitaxy of III-nitride based LEDs and laser diodes; Processing to nano- and µLEDs (arrays) and laser diodes; Design and fabrication of PICs; System integration like guiding of light on the chip, housing and software
    Stefanie Kroker PTB / TUBS Complex Coupled High Index Waveguide Arrays ; Photonic Nanomaterials in the Strong Optomechanical Coupling Regime; Theory and fabrication of metasurface mirrors; Characterisation of nano light sources; Simulation and design of PICs
    Markus Etzkorn TUBS Advancing TEM Characterization; Characterisation of nano light sources
    Boris Chichkov LUH Nanoscale Materials Processing; Processing to nano- and µLEDs (arrays) and laser diodes; Characterisation of nano light sources; Theory and fabrication of metasurface mirrors
    Tanja Mehlstäubler PTB Precision measurements; Integrated ion trap technology; Simulation and design of PICs
    Ernst M. Rasel LUH Quantum Gravimeters; Atom-Chip Based Gravimeters and Inertial Sensors
    Vadim Issakov TUBS Integrated Circuits; CMOS, Packaging of high frequency electronics;; Hybrid integration of Nitride based chips with CMOS microelectronics
    Stefan Wolter TUBS µLEDs, electro-optical characterisation
    Georg Jacob Schöttler TUBS µLEDs, Hybrid Integration
    Liam Shelling-Neto TUBS Deep Learning, Nanophotonic systems
    Silke Wolter TUBS Processing of optical components in the µm scale
    Anastasiia Sorokina TUBS Optical simulations, waveguides, light-outcoupling systems, optics for ion traps quantum computers
    Carl-Frederik Grimpe PTB Photonic Integrated Circuits
    Guochun Du PTB Photonic Integrated Circuits
    Markus Kromrey PTB Photonic Integrated Circuits
    Arstan Bisianov TUBS Design of optical components
    Frederik Lüssmann TUBS VCSEL development
    Robert Kraneis TUBS Neuromorphic computing
    Julian Kassmann TUBS DFB laser development
    Maximilian Müller TUBS Neuromorphic computing
    Maximilian Vergin TUBS Hybrid Integration for optical components
    Florian Meierhofer TUBS Hybrid Integration for optical components
    Steffen Sauer TUBS Photonic Integrated Circuits
    Vladislav Agluschewitsch TUBS Coherent Light Field Control
    Simon Spelthann LUH Nanoparticle Spectroscopy, Optical Fiber Technology
    Rany Miranti-Augustin TUBS Processing of µLEDs