Quantum Electrical Standards

Quantum Electrical Standards

Develop novel and improved quantum electrical standards for electrical current, electrical resistance, and voltage.

Contributions to QuantumFrontiers

  • Support collaboration on new materials for standards (e.g. Graphene), measurement techniques and capabilities (i.e. nanomagnetism measurements to study topology or quantum calibrated AFM).
  • Development and optimization of semiconductor based single electron pumps for quantized current generation.
  • Studies of single electron transport and transport statistics using single electron detectors. Studies of single electron quantum optics in semiconductor systems and theory of mesoscopic and single electron transport.
  • Development of electrical precision measurement setups for the traceable measurement of ultra low currents and resistance quantization with ultimately low uncertainty.
  • Development of high temperature superconductor circuits for high frequency Josephson devices.
  • Utilize the improved uncertainties to validate the foundations of electrical quantum metrology by realizing the most precise measurement to date of the quantum metrology triangle.

Collaborative Innovations

  • Theory development for single electron quantum optics of single electron quantum optics (e.g.: Hong Ou Mandel) experiments (Recher  TUBS, Schumacher, Hohls PTB)
  • Joint characterization of twisted layer graphene stacks by transport and optics (Recher TUBS, Schumacher PTB)
  • Joint characterization of GaN two-dimensional electron gases for quantum metrology (Recher TUBS, Schumacher PTB)

Scientific Output

  • Publications

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TG Members

  • Involved Members and their Relevant Expertise
    Members Institution Relevant Expertise
    Hans Werner Schumacher, Leader PTB Macroscopic Quantum Standards; Precision current metrology of single electron pumps; NV-centre-based magnetometry
    Thomas Gerster PTB Macroscopic Quantum Standards
    Patrik Recher TUBS Theory of Emergent Correlated Quantum Matter; Josephson Junctions; Twisted Bilayer Graphene; Twisted-bilayer-graphene physics in ultracold atoms in optical potentials
    Peter Silvestrov TUBS Twisted Bilayer Graphene
    Rolf Haug LUH Two-dimensional materials, Electrical Quantum Effects, Magnetic Quantum Effects
    Michael Oestreich LUH Spin and charge dynamics of single carriers in single semiconductor quantum dots
    Lina Bockhorn LUH Electrical Quantum Effects
    N.N. LUH Two-Dimensional Materials
    Meinhard Schilling TUBS Electronic Quantum Metrology; Optical Voltage Standard - Fast Prototyping and HTS Superconductors
    Marco Tollkühn TUBS Optical Voltage Standard - HTS Superconductors
    Ilya Elenskiy TUBS Optical Voltage Standard – Fast Prototyping
    Hansjörg Scherer PTB Anomolous Quantum Hall Effect with Topological Materials
    Frank Hohls PTB Low-Dimensional Electron Systems
    Claus Lämmerzahl ZARM Quantum Sensors in Free Fall; Relativistic Geodesy; Quantum Objects in Gravity
    Franziska Weickert PTB NMR, magnetic measurements, quantum magnetism