Tests of Fundamental Physics: Gravity

Tests of Fundamental Physics: Gravity

Design and realisation of tests of General Relativity, studying gravity at very short distances, relativistic effects in matter wave interferometers.


  • Sophisticated tests of Einsteins's theory of relativity, e.g. possible temporal variation of the gravitational constant, test of the weak and strong equivalence principle, Yukawa-test for the Earth-Moon distance, estimation of metric parameters gamma and alpha
  • Measuring gravity at short distances with micro-machined optomechanical force sensors and levitated nanoparticle based force sensors
  • Relativistic effects in matter wave interferometers, quantum tests of the equivalence principle, dark energy search in the Einstein Elevator
  • Clock tests in gravitational fields
  • Testing local Lorentz invariance with classical and quantum systems in the solar system
  • Tests of fundamental properties of quantum mechanics, including tests of the interaction of quantum systems with gravitation


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Involved QF Members
Members Institution Relevant Expertise
Eva Hackmann, Leader ZARM Tests of GR and of alternative/modified theories of gravity
Claus Lämmerzahl ZARM Quantum Sensors in Free Fall; Relativistic Geodesy; Quantum Objects in Gravity
Florian Seemann ZARM Quantum Sensors in Free Fall
Roy Barzel ZARM Quantum Objects in Gravity
Jürgen Müller LUH Relativistic Geodesy; LLR Relativity Test; Application of Quantum Gravimetry
Liliane Biskupek LUH LLR Relativity Test
Ernst M. Rasel LUH Quantum Gravimeters; Atom-Chip Based Gravimeters and Inertial Sensors
Uwe Brand PTB Experimental investigation of the Gravitational 1/r2 Law at separations down to sub-µm
Gerhard Heinzel AEI Experimental investigation of the Gravitational 1/r2 Law at separations down to sub-µm
Christian Pfeifer ZARM General relativity, Quantum Gravity Phenomenology
Sven Herrmann ZARM microgravity experiments
Christian Vogt ZARM microgravity experiments
Dennis Philipp ZARM  
Mingyue Zhang LUH  
Vishwa Singh LUH  
Naceur Gaaloul LUH  
Christian Schubert LUH  
Dennis Schlippert LUH  
Dennis Rätzel ZARM Tests of GR and modified gravity, Quantum Objects in Gravity
Sven Abend LUH  
Marian Cepok ZARM  
Ekim Hanimeli ZARM  
Shokoufe Faraji ZARM