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Single photons

Single photons


  • Establish Niedersachsen Single Photon Fiber Network
  • Utilize collaboration for creating the best sources and detectors
  • Support the CRC Quantum Precision
  • Initiate a new 3rd party funding proposal


  • Kück, Ding, Schell: Micro-photoluminescence and single-photon spectroscopy
  • Ding: Growth of III-V semiconductor nanostructures
  • Ding, Schell: Micro- and Nanofabrication
  • Chichkov: Laser micro-processing
  • Schell: Photonic integration of quantum emitters


Christinck J, Rodiek B, López M, Hofer H, Georgieva H, Kück S. Characterization of the angular-dependent emission of nitrogen-vacancy centers in nanodiamond. Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics. 2020 Okt 1;126(10). 161. doi.org/10.1007/s00340-020-07508-2

Georgieva H, López M, Hofer H, Christinck J, Rodiek B, Schnauber P et al. Radiometric characterization of a triggered narrow-bandwidth single-photon source and its use for the calibration of silicon single-photon avalanche detectors. METROLOGIA. 2020 Okt;57(5). 055001. doi.org/10.1088/1681-7575/ab9db6

Yang J, Nawrath C, Keil R, Joos R, Zhang X, Höfer B et al. Quantum dot-based broadband optical antenna for efficient extraction of single photons in the telecom O-band. Optics express. 2020 Jun 22;28(13):19457-19468. doi.org/10.1364/OE.395367

Involved QF Members
Members Institution Relevant Expertise
Stefan Kück, LeaderPTBMolecule based quantum radiometry; metrological characterization of array-type single-photon sources
Markus EtzkornTUBSAdvancing TEM characterization
Beatrice RodiekPTBMolecule based quantum radiometry; metrological characterization of array-type single-photon sources
Marco LópezPTBsingle-photon metrology
Hristina GeorgievaPTBSemiconductor quantum dot based single-photon sources
Franziska HirtPTBMolecule based quantum radiometry; metrological characterization of array-type single-photon sources
Justus ChristinckPTBDiamond-based single-photon sources
Fei DingLUHIntensity-squeezed single photon sources based on quantum dots; Niedersachsen Quantum Link
Michael ZopfLUHNiedersachsen Quantum Link
Tobias VossTUBSMolecular Quantum Emitters on GaN-based devices
Uta SchlickumTUBSLight Excitation at the Single Molecular Level; Photon-STM investigations of III-V Semiconductors: growth and characterization of single photon sources
Mike StummvollTUBScharacterization of single photon sources
Andreas ReutterTUBScharacterization of single photon sources
Andreas SchellPTB/LUHSpectroscopy and photonic integration of quantum emitters
Pablo TiebenPTB/LUHSpectroscopy of quantum emitters
Boris ChichkovLUHNanoscale Materials Processing
Andreas HangleiterTUBSDeterministic Quantum Dots
Samar HagagTUBSDeterministic Quantum Dots