Optical Simulations

Optical Simulations

Bringing together the multitude of optical simulations in the diverse QuantumFrontiers research environment.


  • Networking on the topic of optical simulations, i.e. exchange on simulation tasks and methods, professional software and self-written algorithms, limitations and current work on pushing boundaries, on ways to improve precision and speed of an algorithm, and of course scientific findings.
  • Regular video conferences where members can introduce their work, used methods, obstacles in current tasks, and findings.


  • Optical simulations in a multitude of different backgrounds and applications.

Scientific Output

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TG Members

  • Involved Members and their Relevant Expertise
    Members Institution Relevant Expertise
    Gudrun Wanner AEI Optical Simulations; Space based gravitational wave detection; Precision Interferometry
    Guido Müller AEI Gravitational wave detection (space-based and ground-based)
    Gerhard Heinzel AEI Laser Gradiometers; Optical Simulations
    Megha Dave AEI Optical simulations; Space-based gravitational wave detection; Diffraction; Optical Cross Talk
    Rodrigo García Álvarez AEI Optical simulations; Space-based gravitational wave detection; Imaging Optics
    Kevin Weber AEI Wavefront characterization; Effect of wavefront characteristics on space interferometry
    Tim Haase AEI Optical Simulations; IfoCAD; Source Code Management (Git/GitLab)
    Harald Lück AEI Next Generation Gravitational Wave Observatories; Sub-Standard Quantum Limit Interferometry
    David Wu AEI Ground based gravitational wave detectors; Sub-standard quantum limit interferometry; Optical simulations; Noise modelling
    Paul Hapke AEI 10m Prototype, Finesse, higher order modes in interferometers and their effect on control system error signals
    Vitali Müller AEI Laser Ranging Intererometry for Gravimetric Missions, GRACE Follow-On Data Analysis,  Optical Simulations
    Michèle Heurs AEI Sub-Standard Quantum Limit Interferometry; Non-classical Light; Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detection; Backaction-evading Techniques; Quantum Optomechanics
    Mariia Matiushechkina AEI Micro-optomechanical resonators; Scattering processes in metamaterial structure; Optical vortex beam
    Gael Kermarrec LUH / GIH Terrestrial Laser Scanner; atmospheric correlation;
    Boris Chichkov LUH / IQ Nanoscale Materials Processing
    Ernst M. Rasel LUH / IQ Quantum Gravimeters; Atom-Chip Based Gravimeters and Inertial Sensors
    Kai Frye LUH / IQ Ultracold atoms; Atom interferometry
    Naceur Gaaloul LUH / IQ Quantum Gases, Atom Interferometry; Inertial Sensing; Atom-Light Interactions
    Gabriel Müller LUH / IQ Atom Interferometry; Atom-Chip simulations; Atom-light interactions
    Stefan Seckmeyer LUH / IQ Atom Interferometry; Atom-Light Interactions; Wavefront Aberrations
    Fei Ding LUH / FKP semiconductor optical structures
    Jingzhong Yang LUH / FKP Nano- and Micro- structure simulation; optical simulation; Quantum optics; Semiconductor
    Dietmar Kracht LZH Advanced Light Sources; Precision Additive Manufacturing of Quantum Sensors; High power solid-state single frequency amplifiers
    Peter Weßels LZH Advanced Light Sources, Laser Development for next-generation GWDs
    Alexander Kuhl PTB Optical Clock Networks; Free-Space Frequency Transfer
    Daniele Nicolodi PTB  space based interferometric GW detectors; optical frequency combs; optical frequency stability transfer;   photonic ultra-stable microwave generation; optical lattice clocks; ultra-stable optical resonators
    Stefanie Kroker PTB / TUBS Waveguides and Waveguide Arrays, Optical and Optomechanical Metasurfaces, Machine Learning, Multiphysics Simulations, Multiscale Aspects 
    Anastasiia Sorokina TUBS Optical simulations, waveguides, light-outcoupling systems, optics for ion traps quantum computers
    Liam Shelling-Neto TUBS Metasurfaces, Machine Learning, Ultrafast Surface Dynamics, Electron Diffraction
    Vladislav Agluschewitsch TUBS Light/particle interaction at the micro and nano scale; Light emission from micro LEDs; Microlens simulation;
    Zhe Liu TUBS Lumerical FDTD; electron energy loss spectrum; plasmon mode excitation of nanoparticles