Novel Micro-Optomechanical Mirrors

Novel Micro-Optomechanical Mirrors

The development of novel micro-optomechanical mirrors and their application in high-precision optical metrology and novel light sources.

Contributions to QuantumFrontiers

  • Achievement of metrology beyond the standard quantum limit (SQL) by mitigating thermal noise sources in optomechanical experiments
  • Creation of optomechanical oscillators with tailored responses for next generation quantum-optomechanics with optimum perfomance
  • Development of low-noise high-reflectivity meta-mirrors for future ultra-stable laser cavities
  • Inspiration for a spin-off company dealing with the design of optical cavities

Collaborative Innovation

  • Integrating meta-mirrors into cavity experiments (Kroker TUBS, Heurs LUH)
  • Demonstrating ultra-stable laser cavities with meta-mirrors (Kroker TUBS,PTB / Sterr PTB / Nicolodi PTB)
  • Advancing novel atom cooling schemes for compact traps (Lisdat PTB / Kroker TUBS)
  • Developing low-noise high-susceptibility micro-optomechanical oscillators for laser power stabilization via radiation pressure (Kroker TUBS, PTB / Heurs LUH, AEI / Willke AEI, LUH)

Scientific Output

  • Publications

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TG Members

  • Involved Members and their Relevant Expertise
    Members Institution Relevant Expertise
    Stefanie Kroker, Leader PTB / TUBS Complex Coupled High Index Waveguide Arrays ; Photonic Nanomaterials in the Strong Optomechanical Coupling Regime
    Liam Shelling-Neto TUBS Design of meta-surfaces with complex optical functionality
    Johannes Dickmann PTB/TUBS Low-noise optical systems
    Michèle Heurs AEI / LUH Backaction-Evading Techniques; Quantum Optomechanics
    Uwe Sterr PTB Novel Frequency References
    Daniele Nicolodi PTB Novel Frequency References
    Harald Lück AEI Next Generation Gravitational Wave Observatories; Sub-Standard Quantum Limit Interferometry
    Marina Trad Nery AEI Laser stabilization with optomechanical mirrors.
    Thomas Legero PTB Ultrastable laser cavities
    Steffen Sauer TUBS Ultra-stable cavities for optical clocks
    Sofia Herbers PTB Ultra-stable cavities for optical clocks
    Mona Kempkes PTB Ultra-stable cavities for optical clocks
    Mariia Matiushechkina AEI / LUH Realisation of metastructures