Quantum Sensors for Geodetical Observations and Relativistic Geodesy

Quantum Sensors for Geodetical Observations and Relativistic Geodesy

Develop and test transportable optical clocks for chronometric levelling with cm resolution to improve height networks.


  • Develop and test transportable optical clocks to an uncertainty of few 10^-18
  • Chronometric levelling with cm resolution using transportable optical clocks
  • Improve height networks with this novel method
  • Develop and test transportable quantum gravimeter
  • Measure gravity with unprecedented uncertainty of few nm/s²
  • Contribute accurate gravity data to geodetic observation campaigns 


  • Schmidt, Lisdat: Transportable optical lattice clocks for chronometric levelling campaigns
  • Rasel, Herr: Transportable Quantum Gravimeter for absolute gravity surveys
  • Müller, Denker, Timmen, Weigelt: Geoid and height determination; expertise in satellite and terrestrial gravimetry, modelling and analysis of gravity field data, and gravimetric monitoring of mass change processes
  • Lämmerzahl, Philipp, Müller: Theoretical framework of relativistic geodesy, definition of observables and measurements

Scientific Output

  • Publications

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TG Members

  • Involved Members and their Relevant Expertise
    Members Institution Relevant Expertise
    Waldemar Herr, Leader DLR-SI / LUH Atom-Chip Based Gravimeters and Inertial Sensors
    Ernst M. Rasel LUH Quantum Gravimeters; Atom-Chip Based Gravimeters and Inertial Sensors
    Jürgen Müller LUH Relativistic Geodesy; LLR Relativity Test; Application of Quantum Gravimetry
    Ludger Timmen LUH Geodesy with Gravimeters
    Christian Lisdat PTB Sr Optical Lattice Clock
    Piet O. Schmidt PTB / LUH Quantum Logic Spectroscopy of Highly Charged Ions; Transportable Al+ Clock
    Heiner Denker LUH Gravity field modelling, geoid, height systems, chronometric levelling
    Matthias Weigelt LUH Satellite Gravimetry, Loading, deformation, gravity field, local modeling
    Christian Schubert DLR-SI / LUH Atom-Chip Based Gravimeters and Inertial Sensors
    Nina Heine LUH Quantum Gravimetry
    Sven Abend LUH Atom-chip based interferometry and inertial sensors for navigation
    Hendrik Heine LUH Atom Chip and Grating MOTs
    Claus Lämmerzahl ZARM General Relativity
    Dennis Philipp ZARM Relativistic Geodesy, formalism, framework, theory
    Ingo Noßke PTB Sr Optical Lattice Clock
    Manuel Schilling DLR-SI Absolute and relative gravimetry, gravity field modelling
    Tim Lücke PTB Sr Optical Lattice Clock
    Stephan Hannig PTB Transportable Al+clock, 3d-printed miniaturized vacuum chambers, optical breadboarding
    Julian Lemburg LUH Atom Chip and Grating MOTs
    Pablo Nunez von Voigt LUH Quantum Gravimetry
    Dennis Schlippert LUH Quantum Navigation, Very-long baseline atom interferometry