Sub-Standard Quantum Limit in Suspended Interferometers

Probing the limits imposed on precision interferometry with suspended macroscopic mirrors by the quantum nature of light and aim to surpass them.

Contributions to QuantumFrontiers

  • Establishment of a long-term, internationally unique testing facility
  • Development of measurement techniques surpassing the Standard Quantum Limit (SQL) of optical interferometry 
  • Interfacing of microscopic and table-top quantum opto-mechanics with large scale gravitational wave detector scale instruments
  • Enhancement of current and future gravitational wave detector sensitivity to increase their range towards cosmological distances
  • Foster knowledge transfer among Quantum Frontiers groups on techniques to suppress noise in precision experiment.

Collaborative Innovation

  • Focus on developing technologies and techniques to suppress classical and technical noise sources to below quantum noise in precision measurements, with a particular emphasis on gravitational-wave-detector-like laser interferometry with suspended optics. (Lück, Wu, Valbruch AEI, LUH)
  • Investigating and developing new technology to suppress classical and technical noise in ground based interferometric gravitational wave detectors (Heurs, Willke AEI, LUH)
  • Constructing the Sub-SQL Interferometer: a 10m Fabry-Perot Michelson interferometer, nominally limited by SQL in the band between 60 and 200 Hz using macroscopic test masses of 100 g. (Lück, Wu, AEI, LUH)
  • Improving techniques to suppress classical and technical noise below quantum noise, for example: improving seimsic isolation platforms, suspended optics, laser noise, and environmental noise. (Lück, Wu, Willke, Heurs Valbruch, AEI, LUH)

Scientific Output

  • Publications
    Brown DD, Jones P, Rowlinson S, Leavey S, Green AC, Töyrä D et al. PYKAT: Python package for modelling precision optical interferometers. SoftwareX. 2020 Dec;12:100613. Epub 2020 Oct 21. doi: 10.48550/arXiv.2004.06270, 10.1016/j.softx.2020.100613
    Kirchhoff R, Mow-Lowry CM, Bergmann G, Hanke MM, Koch P, Köhlenbeck SM et al. Local active isolation of the AEI-SAS for the AEI 10 m prototype facility. Classical and quantum gravity. 2020 May 4;37(11):115004. doi: 10.1088/1361-6382/ab857e
    Koch P, Cole GD, Deutsch C, Follman D, Heu P, Kinley-Hanlon M et al. Thickness uniformity measurements and damage threshold tests of large-area GaAs/AlGaAs crystalline coatings for precision interferometry. Optics express. 2019 Dec 9;27(25):36731-36740. Epub 2019 Dec 4. doi: 10.1364/OE.27.036731,

TG Members

  • Involved Members and their Relevant Expertise
    Members Institution Relevant Expertise
    David Wu, LeaderLUHSub-Standard Quantum Limit Interferometry; Precision laser interferometry; Vacuum outgassing test chamber
    Harald LückAEINext Generation Gravitational Wave Observatories; Sub-Standard Quantum Limit Interferometry
    Matteo CarlassaraAEIMulti-stage suspended optics
    Michèle HeursLUHBackaction-Evading Techniques
    Benno WillkeAEISqueezed Light Sources; Advanced Light Sources
    Guido MüllerAEI
    Johannes LehmannAEIPrecision laser interferometry; Multi-stage suspended optics; Seismic isolation platforms; Vacuum compatable sensors and actuators
    Juliane von WrangelAEIPrecision glass welding and bonding of quasi-monolithic suspended mirrors
    Henning VahlbruchAEISqueezed states of light
    Sara al-KershiAEIMulti-stage suspended optics
    Firoz KhanAEIOptical scattering of optical components; Scattered light mitigation
    Paul HapkeAEISteady state simulations of interferometers using FINESSE
    Pritam SarkarAEIPrecision laser interferometry; Control strategies; Vacuum compatable sensors and actuators
    Sara Al-KershiAEI